A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

It sure is interesting how times have changed. I found this penmanship slash writing assignment in my School Years Book, a scrapbook put together by my mother. I was in second grade at the time and it is the rundown of my Christmas. I included, of course, the presents I received. I would love to know what the second graders are getting these days. A friend of mine’s son was none to happy to receive some needed items for Christmas gifts this year, most likely they were clothes. When I was young I sure didn’t want to find those kinds of items either. That Christmas in ’74 was no different, but it didn’t stop me from putting it in my writing assignment. I must say, my spelling has improved much since then.


5 comments on “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

  1. LOL~! Super cute! So cool to still have this~! 😉 Love it!

  2. 🙂 Fantastic! I loved my Etch a Sketch. That was one sophisticated tablet back then – manual plotter and built in eraser – amazing! When Line Rider http://linerider.com/ came out three years ago, reminded me a lot of the etch a sketch!

  3. I love Under Where. It keeps me toasty-warm, and holds in the gut.

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