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In the mood to be in a good mood

I am doggone tired as I sit here writing. I finished more of my organizing. It feels good to get things in order, but it takes time. I wasn’t able to finish the regular housework today, but once I get my systems in place daily chores should be able to get done quickly. Something my Tuesday desperately needs.

Being with my friends always gets me going for the rest of the day. We get together once a week when the kids are in school, and all of us have so much to talk about. In order to do so, we tend to talk quickly, jump from subject to subject, person to person, all the while fueled by endless pots of coffee and the simplest of carbs. It’s a potluck affair to which we bring homemade sweets unless we are too busy, in which case we bring chips, breads, anything, as long as it’s yummy. The laughter will get us through the day and give us something to look forward to the next week.

After spending a great morning (and early afternoon) with my gals, I had to hit it into high gear and cook a meal quickly, get the kids going on their homework, do some laundry, a little running around, dinner and fold that laundry. I need to put a radio in my laundry room to keep myself from getting one song stuck in my head. Usually those songs that stick the longest are on the cheesy side. Today’s was no different.

I was humming along to the tune in my head, a song from an episode of the Brady Bunch. It was an upbeat tune with lyrics worth living by as cheesy as they may be. After a week of being under the weather, today I was in the mood to have a sunshine day!

Tomorrow, on to the kids’ room. Deep cleaning and rearranging beds. Layali asked me to paint on the walls. Last year I painted clouds on the sky blue walls. Maybe tomorrow calls for a can of yellow spray paint for a bright sunshine!

Have a sunshine day, wherever you may be!


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