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The Organization of Maximization

While I envisioned a place for everything,
No closet space was the blues I would sing.
To maximize a small space
And leave no room for waste
Some shelves would need some installing.

So one day after eating my porridge
I mustered up all of my courage
I went in for the kill
With my electrical drill
And came out with a room full of storage.
Some days when I feel like a cleaning elf,
I rehang every coat after moving each shelf.
Now my laundry room
Is no longer a tomb
And I did it all by myself!
Folded sheets, hung clothes and my cleaning supplies
Are now all there in front of my eyes
While it looks like K-mart
I still think I’m smart
To have conquered what was once my demise.


One comment on “The Organization of Maximization

  1. well done you – mine is no where near as neat as this – you put me to shame….. again…..

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