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Do Guinea Pigs Get Headaches?

I have had a headache for three days straight now and am having a hard time focusing on anything. I have tried Panadol and cold medicine but all that seems to do is make me want to sleep. I am just about ready to take my second nap of the day, but I have so many things I should be doing.

I have decided to be a human guinea pig by going online and getting some suggestions as to how to get rid of this sinus headache of mine.

Suggestion # 1 – Aim a hair dryer at the source of the pain and try to melt the gook away. Yes, crazy as it sounds, I did try this. Great. Now I have a headache AND fever symptoms. Time for . . .

Suggestion # 2 – Make a tea to drink out of cinnamon stick, cardamom seeds, a few cloves, and ginger. After boiling a couple minutes, drink. I am drinking it now and it is tasty! I am starting to feel better already.

Suggestion #3 – Boil water and add rosemary (I put a few sprigs from my garden), thyme, sage, chamomile and a cough drop for the eucalyptus. Pour into a mug and hold with two hands and inhale. I must also remind myself not to drink from THIS mug, because I don’t think it will taste as good as the other concoction. I am trying this now but sadly I can’t even smell it I am so congested.

Suggestion #4 – Saline Nasal Irrigation. I have done this in the past, and while I know it works, I think I will try the others first because this one isn’t exactly pleasant.

I suppose this all must take some time in working so I’ll give you all an update as soon as my head clears! Until then, I suppose there is something to be said for laughter being the best medicine. I also found a blog dedicated to dealing with headaches. I sure hope it works, because I simply do NOT want to resort to . . .

Suggestion #5 – Smelling a skunk, no joke, only on the internet.


One comment on “Do Guinea Pigs Get Headaches?

  1. LOL! Feel better girl, you sound like I feel… arg the worst cold, feverish, achy, runny nose, sneezing, headache off and on…. . . What time is the Mommy break? Oh and good luck finding that skunk in Jordan! LOL Looks like you’ll be headed for the zoo…. . . 😉

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