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The Tada Effect

In this world of Extreme Makeovers, Biggest Losers and Emeril Lagasse, I have to admit I am enthralled with something I like to call The Tada Effect. Smoke and Mirrors. Befores and Afters. But even more than watching the Tada Effect, I like to create it.

Every once in a while, my husband goes out of town, and during this time I like to do a project on my own that he can see the results and I can feel a remarkable sense of accomplishment. We are quite a team, the two of us, having bought a fixer upper and literally recovering every surface of our diamond in the rough. But we tend to take our time arriving at mutual decisions which can slow down the results by arriving at too many dead ends.

For this reason, I like to wait until he leaves and do a job from start to finish all by myself. It usually involves drilling holes, reupholstering, hanging curtains along with my own special touch of creativity. Even drilling holes through these stone walls of my current house could not deter me. Last year, I hung sixteen framed pictures, one mirror, a clock and five curtain rods. This required drilling thirty nine screws with anchors into solid rock walls. The easy part was the arranging, next came the tape measure and level, and of course using my new drill with “jackhammer action”. By the time I was done, my arms were like rubber but the house was more of a home, especially because they were the same pictures we had in our house in America.

My husband left this week and I had no projects lined up no matter how hard I tried to think of something. A couple days after he left, a little kitten arrived at our doorstep and I let him in, fed him and decided to adopt him. He is a sweet black cat that is no trouble at all. The only thing that he got close to was our canary in his cage on a table. I am surprised that poor little thing didn’t have a heart attack after the cat caught sight of him. So this year’s Tada Effect will allow me to hang a hook on the wall for the canary’s cage using my jackhammer action drill. That and a new little addition to our family. It seems I am still making the house more of a home!


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