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Flashback. 1972. Grand Funk Railroad.

Before there were ipods, there was Walkman, first for cassettes, later for CDs. What did we do before that? A portable record player? Well, folks, if you were lucky enough to grow up in the 70s, you may have had a Close ‘n Play Phonograph.

This is a Close ‘n Play Phonograph.

When you close it, it plays.
Open it, it stops.
Close it, it plays.
Open it, it stops.
Close it, it plays.
Wouldn’t you like to have a Close ‘n Play Phonograph to play your favorite songs and stories?
Close ‘n Play Phonograph by Kenner.
Records Not Included.

That’s right. Records not included. So in the winter of ’72, while spending Christmas at my grandparents and their 20 something son (my very hip uncle), my brother and I got a Close ‘n Play phonograph. Records were not included, but my Uncle Ben had a very cool 45 collection to which he played his drum set behind the closed door of his upstairs bedroom. The first record we played in this amazing portable device that was ahead of its time was none other than the Locomotion performed by Grand Funk Railroad.

We didn’t have the flashy jumpsuits or the funky afros seen in this live performance, but we did have a Close n’ Play with mono speakers and we did the locomotion! Rock on!


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