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for jenine

It seems so long that she was gone
The days just dragged on and on
It was just over a week
Our lives seemed so bleak
But now Jenine is back from Lebanon!

The first Tuesday was dreary and bleak
The conversation was mild and meek
Because without Jenine
If you know what I mean
The spice was gone so to speak.

The next Tuesday wasn’t much better
Rod’s fever made him quite the sweater
We missed Terhi’s that day
And did not get to play
But this week we will all be together.

Welcome back to jordan, baby!
Tuesday’s coffee at my house, no maybe
With sugar or not
I’ll make it real hot
From your friend, also known as JB

Joyce Bernadette!
(The last limerick was co-written by my sister Elaine while chatting)


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