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Sweet Dreams of Fudge

Today my kids enjoyed the last day of their holiday with friends. This was a first for me and I could really get used to a quiet house. My oldest is fifteen and has never had a babysitter outside of after school care when she was five. My youngest does not start school until next […]

Wishful Thinking

May your stuffing be tasty May your turkey be plump, May your potatoes and gravy Have never a lump. May your yams be delicious And your pies take the prize, And may your Thanksgiving dinner Stay off your thighs! Author Unknown But thank you, Kevin, for this gem of a poem.

Playin’ Hooky

Twas the day before the holiday, The kids at school just want to play It’s a battle you can’t win Cuz they’d rather sleep in So you let them stay home. Hooray!

How do you go about starting a national campaign to stop littering?

Dear members of Clean Up Jordan, How do you go about starting a national campaign to stop littering? That would be a major step in the right direction. This is one of the problems for Jordan that must start from the children up. I grew up in a very rural area in America where Smoky […]

Kissin’ wears out . . . cookin’ don’t!

So goes the famous Pennsylvania Dutch saying. Growing up German (Deutsch) in Pennsylvania, I was exposed to the culture through our food and some language, although I must say most of the language I heard required my grandfather to put a nickel in a jar for using words he should not utter. My grandmother enforced […]

The Tada Effect

In this world of Extreme Makeovers, Biggest Losers and Emeril Lagasse, I have to admit I am enthralled with something I like to call The Tada Effect. Smoke and Mirrors. Befores and Afters. But even more than watching the Tada Effect, I like to create it. Every once in a while, my husband goes out […]

Love letters

I’ve lived my whole life waiting for someone to write a poem for me. With a name like Joyce, you won’t find any songs being sung about you. Today I woke up to my son excited and jumping up and down. He sat me down with my coffee and read me his prose. It goes […]